Christmas was crazy busy for us here in the studio and we loved every minute of it! So you may be thinking we are on a bit of a come down or we might even be having a bit of a rest and putting our feet up on the sofa….

Indeed not! There is always lots to keep us busy in the studio;

Stocking the shelves - Mugs all packaged up ready for their new homes

Finding space for all the new socks has been a challenge.. 

Tidying and organising the desk and drawer. With the influx of new pins it was definitely due a sort out! 


Restocking on our packaging 

Stamping our boxes


Putting pins on backboards

PLUS randomly selecting cards to go into either packs of 10 or 5 and selling them crazy cheap on our website!!!! Check out the listing - there's a real range in each pack, something for everyone and any occasion.  


Thanks so much for all your support, everyone here at MBH really appreciates you!

Wishing everyone a wonderful year ahead 

Claire, Flissy, Sean Connery and Doughnut xx

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