Hi Harriet fans! Flissy here, you might have seen my name popping up in email replies or Facebook comments so we thought it was time for me to introduce myself. 

I’ve known Harriet for many years, ever since she moved in next door! I'm very lucky to call her one of closet friends. I’ve been away for little bit recently exploring some places around the world and after coming back, Harriet asked if I would help out in the studio and I jumped at the chance to work (spend time) with her and help spread the Made by Harriet love.
Just like Harriet, I’m a tad obsessed with dogs! So I love it when you all email us in photos of your own pooches. I have three gorgeous black Labradors; Dassie, Khulu and Isla who are incredibly sweet and cuddly (Look at their faces..... !) 


Over the past couple of months I’ve been a studio all-rounder which includes jobs like; order packing, wrapping a crazy amount of tea towels, replying to your lovely emails, stock and website updates but most importantly, Doughnut’s scratcher and Sean Connery’s treat dispenser. The most stressful role by far though is trying to keep all the studio’s plants alive… (So I try to leave that to Harriet and Claire).
I have also recently helped Harriet launch all of her amazing one-of-a-kind original prints and the brand new ceramics! I know how hard Harriet has worked on these so it's amazing to see you all enjoying them. 
The studio is such a cosy space to work and hang out in, it’s definitely had the Harriet-touch with colourful furniture and stunning prints! Another bonus is the uniform… comfy sweaters and t-shirts with cute designs on – go check them out!

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