Hand Printed Originals

Whilst away in France with my friend Emma Carlisle this October, I did some printmaking, using a printing plate & roller to mix colours and make marks, before adding little collaged dogs and some textures, to create the image I wanted.

Once a print has been taken, the printed plate is cleaned, so there will only ever be one print like it.

I then hand finished each print back in my studio here in Wiltshire, adding some details and more textures. 

Square prints are 20x20cm and printed onto Arches Hot pressed 300gsm pure cotton paper, using a mixture of gouache, acyrl-gouache, watercolour-gouche and acrylic paints. Each are finished using a variety of mediums, including coloured pencils, brush pens, and watersoluable crayons. 

A4 prints are printed on to a variety of papers including 'exotic paper' made using pressed flowers or elephant poo, and cartridge and watercolour paper. 

Please note, duties may apply for overseas orders.

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