Hello and hi MBH fans! My name is Roberto and I’m currently writing a blog right now! But I suppose that’s obvious. Where shall we begin? Maybe somewhere less self-explanatory. Let’s start with how I became Harriet’s studio/website/business assistant person thing.
I saw some of Harriet’s wonderful art on the interwebs after a friend of mine said that she drew greyhounds and all sorts of other pointy dogs. As a pointy dog lover, this was music to my ears - and whatever the equivalent is to my eyes - but I was even more intrigued to find that Harriet was looking for someone to help with some of the businessy bits of the business.
This felt like a real stroke of luck as I’d been wanting to get more involved with the creative arty things I’ve always loved, and I’ve had a lot of practice in helping projects succeed and processes improve (don’t worry I’m not going to link my LinkedIn, I’ll stop with the boring now) so I felt like I was the man for the job!
I sent Harriet an email, we set up a Zoom call and we hit it off, and yadda yadda yadda we cut to now! Some of you may have heard from me already via email thanking you for your adorable doggo pictures, or maybe a picture of your MBH tattoo!
Other than helping with responding to emails, I’ve also been helping organise the studio and the website, as well as getting to hang out with Doughnut 🐕
Working with Harriet, it’s a real pleasure getting to see so many amazing dogs (both real and illustrated) as I miss my own dog, Dog, a lot after he passed over the rainbow bridge around this time last year - see picture below of his cute lil face ❤️
As well as having an interest in art & design myself, I also have a HUGE love for different kinds of fashion. I have a growing collection of super cool pieces from MARKET, Ransom Clothing and STAYCOOLNYC - all of whom have made my favourite ever thing: UV activated designs that get colourful in the sun!! 🌞 Check out this beauty below 😎
I’m also looking forward to receiving my oh me? i’m fine sweatshirt from Everpress - one of my fave designs of Harriet’s, I got mine in pink but you can get many other colours. Watch this space for some excellent photos of me enjoying aforementioned sweatshirt.
Well, I think I’ll leave it there for now. Until next time, please give your dogs (or cats, or any other adorable animal you have) a big hug from me!
- Roberto ⭐


  • Stef Anaya said:

    Give Doughnut a big hug from his auntie Stef. Really hoping to see him when I’m in the UK.

    March 23, 2023

  • Kyron said:

    Hemlo rimble, it is I

    DOG Is very cute, miss him dearly

    my cat macey says hi but in one of those quiet meows

    Much love

    November 27, 2022

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