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I have zero interest in cats. In fact, I might even be as bold as to say I don’t even like cats. I am allergic to cats. Cats just aren’t me. I’m a dog lady. Through and through. Dogs dogs dogs, all day, erry single damn day. Dog socks. Dog sweaters. Dog tea towels. Dog bags. I love dogs. Made by Harriet is all about dogs.  And yet, here I am. A cat mother. A mother of a cat. A cat mum.

Let’s start at the beginning.

It’s a cold night, late December. You’ve had wine. You’re feeling good. A seed has been planted, origins unknown, that a cat would be a great addition to your family. A cat would make your life totally, utterly and perfectly complete. A cat is what has been missing from your life. The dog would have company and the three of you would frolic together in the Wiltshire countryside. Seconds of deliberation pass, and the decision is made. YOU ARE GETTING A CAT. You must have a cat RIGHT NOW. Your heart pounds with excitement. You don’t recall ever being this excited about anything. Nothing will make you change your mind, not your cat allergies, not the cat chasing & eating dog, not a strong dislike to cats, nothing will stop you from fulfilling this 15 minute long dream. 

Initial enquiry sent.

Your inbox pings:

“There is only one left. the one with the mustache”

<end scene>

*blackout and cut to present day*

Here he is. Sean Connery. Quite possibly the best cat I've ever met. You can expect some more cat products coming soon to Made by Harriet. I do currently have instock these cat tiles and maybe some other cat stuff which I have forgotten about. 

Sean Connery has so much character, and he can do lots of tricks including:

- sit
- kiss
- touch 
- twirl
- up/down
- Comes to whistle
- hi five
- retrieves

There are some videos of him doing stuff on his instagram.  

Why did no one tell me how awesome cats are?

Sean Connery the cat

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