That's right guys and gals and any other lovely people tuning in … it's that time of year here in the studio where we are prepping for the big C.

Sean Connery looking a bit grumpy

I know it's not everyone's cup of tea and maybe it's early for you all to start thinking about it BUT we love it here in the studio! We have to start prepping early so that we can organise the elves to start packing and sending out to people in time for the big day.

So with that in mind, I, Claire, have been making sure our festive cards are up to date on our website. Now just to clarify, we have two areas where you can purchase cards, both are on our website!

  1. Through our lovely pals at Thortful
  2. What we have left in the studio

We have a range of cards in the studio so lots to pick from AND it would make all of our days if we could clear them out to make space for exciting, new stock we have coming in (not card related and we know you’re going to love!).

Claire holding some christmas cards

Speaking of love-hate relationships - have you seen our new totes!! They are gorgeous and super fun.

Our new tote bags - I am uncomfortable

Now I only say hate because I hate packing them. They are a nightmare to fold haha! Thankfully our newer designs come pre-folded for us in a COMPOSTABLE BAG (mind blown 🤯). So now all I have to do is lovingly wrap in our funky tissue paper… which reminds me!

 new tissue paper

We have new tissue paper! A little treat for us and you 🙂

Did you know that a compostable bag takes less time than a biodegradable one and doesn't need so many particular conditions to break down in? 

If you get food waste collected from your house, you can pop this bag in with that! Or in a home compost bin - which if you don’t have already, I highly recommend! Mines full of bugs who love eating my garden and food waste!

One more treat before I sign off ...


How cute are these little meerkats! Harriet's mum, Pauline, made them! We can see where Harriet gets her talent 💗. There's only a few of these special Kats so get in there quick.

Bringing you the big C joy, 

Claire x

Claire having Sean cuddles

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