Is it Easter? Is it still January? Most days I really have no idea. I bumble though, eating, existing, maybe drawing, I don't knoow.I have BIG PLANS to make this, or DRAW THAT or WORK ON THIS but lately, I've been hanging out with Sean Connery, Doughnut and my friends as I've needed some wholesome goodness to fill the void where I haven't felt able to make. 
As such, I have not been as good at MARKETING, y'know all that, hey look at this stuff I made, maybe you would like to buy it so I can make more stuff? I love love LOVE producing more dog stuff and I really do relish sharing that excitement and love with you, but I don't like over marketing and being like LOOK AT THIS AND ALSO THIS AND HAVE YOU SEEN THIS AND PLEASE BUY THIS. It all feels like so many of us are doing it all the time, and i don't want to add to the noise.

But I also know that I must TELL PEOPLE ABOUT STUFF for the algorithms and such like. So, here we are. As well as SEAN CONNERY being new for 2023. I also have BRAND NEW tea towels. I've named this one, 'MULTI DOG TEA TOWEL', (I know, I am good at names).
And brand new screen printed dog tote bags. They are emblazoned with PLEASE DON'T MAKE ME DO STUFF which seems to be my mantra of late. These are in limited supply and they have been flying out (thank you)
This PLEASE DONT MAKE ME DO STUFF design is also available as dog t-shirt, dog hoodie and sweatshirt on my Everpress store. Thank you so much if you've bought something. Please do let me know what you'd like to see in my Everpress store. I'm bluffing my way through life, so some feedback would be really great. 
Made by Harriet everpress
Every single order you place, makes a direct and positive impact on our lives, so thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.. It means I can continue to grow Made by Harriet, work on new ideas, buy Doughnut and Sean Connery treats and have people help me in areas which I just cannot, and also have. a better work/life balance. 

In less shop news, here I am with the legend that is Frances Ives. My lord, she is magic. I met up with her yesterday in the Cotswolds. It's been an age, and it was a real treat to spend some time with her and Rob. This is us with our friend Emma Carlisle's book which we found in a lil bookshop in Cirencester. HOW DO I HAVE SUCH TALTENTED FRIENDS??? 
Frances Ives illustrator
All of your support, likes comments, shares and all that jazz means SO MUCH, and I'm just so blown away by your love and kindess, so thank you. 


  • Pauline said:

    Hi Harriet, I recently bought the ‘I like to Hug’ sweatshirt, basically because it’s the same face my grey makes when I wrap my arms around him… it makes me smile; he’s 12 and a half and I try to cuddle him at least 20 times a day xx

    March 23, 2023

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