Print Shop Launch

Oh god, is this really happening? Is my print shop really opening? I don't feel good enough, or grown up enough to be launching a print shop. Will people really buy my drawings of dogs, to put on their walls, in their houses? What am I doing? I feel like I am diving in at the deep end of the pool. I feel scared and nervous and also excited. 

Laughably, we were trying to rush to launch the print shop before Christmas 2022. But do you know what? I am so happy it didn't work out. Having these couple of months, working on scans, ordeing lots of sample prints, and having the time to actual work out what we were doing has been so very valuable.

I even bought myself a new scanner. Is dead big, and dead fancy, and it's already covered is paint/pastel/crayon (this is why I can't have nice things)

new epsom scanner
For once in my life, I am taking things a little bit slower, and DOING THINGS PROPERLY. Which is mostly down to Ben, who is the machine who keeps Made by Harriet running behind the scenes. 

I feel good about the selection of prints we're launching with. And I feel good to be working with The Print Space, who will be fulfilling all of the orders for me. They are so incredible, it feels like a bit milestone for Made by Harriet. They will be printing and shipping all of my prints for me. And doing a much better job than I ever could. 

Made by Harriet Print shop
And I literally couldn't have got to this point without Sunny and Suze from The Print Space who have held our hands throughout, and offering me more reassuring video calls than I care to admit. These guys are absolute legends, and have made me feel so good about working with such a great company to fulfil your orders.

Every print is a limited edition. Once they're gone, they're gone! Which is great, but slightly daunting as it does mean I will need to get my create mojo back at some point soon so I can make some new work. 

We're opening with 6 designs in sizes A3-A1. More prints will be launching later this year. Let me know if there is something in particular you'd like to see.

Made by Harriet print shop

Made by Harriet print shop
The Print Shop is NOW OPEN. Thank you so much if you've bought something.
Thank for being here, 



  • Sunny said:

    Hey Harriet, Loved the news and thanks for the mentions (big heart :) ) I’m so so glad Emma introduced us to you. You are one of my most favorite client/ friend I’ve worked with. looking forward to continuing to work with you and Ben :). Cheers

    March 23, 2023

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