Hello everyone and welcome to my first blog post - I’m Claire! I have been helping Harriet out and have been doing a variety of things.

Here in the Made By Harriet studio, we like to reuse any packaging we can to try and reduce waste. So if your order comes in an assortment of different kinds of packing, you now know why! 


Made By Harriet Packaging


Most of our boxes come from Kite Packaging, who are super local to us, based in Swindon - just down the road!

Here's Sean Connery being mischievous in our collection of packaging waiting to be reused. 


Guess who's tidying it up 🙄!

Did you know we also LOVE plants in the studio and have been expanding our collection with a new Variegated Monstera 😍.

 Made By Harriet Plant 2

Fingers crossed that it roots successfully - it's our first time propagating! If anyone has any tips on “how to propagate” we would love to hear them - comment below! 

I gave our older plants a little TLC too with some new pots and soil *Peat Free* 🙂

Made By harriet studio


  • James Goddard said:

    Really good blog, I enjoyed reading it !

    August 15, 2023

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