I work fast, and chaotically. And sometimes I love something so much for like 5 seconds and then I lose interest becuase the inital exciting excitement has gone and I can't find the spoons to get it photographed and available on the website

I think might also be the reason I have ended up with 5 monstera plants to propogate, and 9 pilea plants needing things from me to keep them alive. 

Variagated monstera plant
I'm not gonna lie, it is a problem. I do realise that I can't only do the things I enjoy, but it is very hard for my mind to engage in less enjoyable things. It's a wonder I still manage to keep things ticking over and run a business. If that is indeed what is happening here.  

Thankfully, this year, the Made by Harriet team has grown a little, and welcomed a little bit more organisation. In 2023, Claire joined the team. (Read a blog Claire wrote here) I've known Claire for a few years now, and I knew she was a hard worker who I would get on with in the studio.

In recent years, I've realised that I can only be around certain people, especially in my safe spaces (does that make sense?). I've made my studio into a comforting and secure place, so I have to be really choosy about who is in here with me, becuase my mind doesn't lways cope well with company. So I have to be really picky about who to have here with me. 

If you've not seen it, here is my studio. I just got the little blue chair (ikea) and the raspberry footstool (from dfs). Big cats by my friend Maris. Big Blue dog, is my own, from my Print shop. I also just brought over (from the house) my extra heavy weighted blanket and it is amazing. I think it's from Amazon which I know I should not buy stuff from but...

There's also an amazing little dog rug which you can't see here as its under the new footstool but its wonderful and on sale at Scandiborn at the minute.
Made by Harriet studio, Studio space
Anyway...er...chaos...something...business...to sum up, which is why I am so glad Claire is part of the Made by Harriet team. 

She's hardworking, clever, funny and organsied. As part of her organsiation, Claire keeps finding things around the studio, and asking me why it isn't available on the website. So, we've decided to have a 'Studio Claire Out'. I was so happy with this pun and I enjoy it every single time I type it. It really makes me chuckle. ahah. 

We've got so much random stuff as part of our Studio Claire Out (still lol). Including this delightful dog bowl. It's actually quite hard for me to part with it so I might end up keeping it unless someone buys it pronto.

made by harriet dog bowl
We've also got this weird planter, some soap dishes, these GHOSTS which I love. I like to think you might carry them and their spookiness around in your pocket.

ceramic ghosts
And our big jug with the crack (but it's probably still ok coz it seems water tight but I don't want to promise it is incase it isnt)

hand illustrated jug,
There are lots of random one of a kind treetos as part of our Studio Claire out so please do have a peep.
Please leave any comments or questions below. 
They're really good for SEO and we like hearing from you, 

Lots of love, 
Harriet, Claire, Doughnut & Sean Connery x


  • Sian said:

    Iwan and Carissa always said if you don’t want something to sell but feel you should have it for sale, make it ridiculously expensive – I love the very expensive dog bowl tgat you want to keep 🥰

    September 04, 2023

  • Chris Owens said:

    That dog bowl is so beautiful. It’s going to make some lucky owner very happy. I also like the cracked jug, and might end up buying myself a ceramic polar bear.

    September 04, 2023

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